The 15s Branden team took first place in the Silver Division of the Regional Tournament this past weekend, winning all but one of their matches in the process. On Saturday the team dropped a close match to Laulea, but won their other matches against Kulia and Mililani to take second in their pool. This put them into the Silver Division on Sunday, where they won all of their matches to take the title. They defeated Ka Ulukoa, Mililani, Hilinai, and the winner of the other pool to take first.

15s Jeff also made it into the Silver Division by defeating Mauloa on Saturday and creating a three-way tie in their pool. Based on the tie-breaking formulas, the 15s Jeff team finished in third place and made it into Silver. On Sunday the team played well against Lanikai, Jammers, and Laulea and finished the day in 8th place, good for 13th place overall in the 21 team tournament.

The Kaizen 12s team will play in the final regionals of the year on May 14-15.

This past weekend saw both the Kaizen 13s and 14s in action at the Regional Tournament. The Kaizen 13s team took third place in the Gold Division, winning two matches on day 1 against KVC 14s and Kiakahi 14s and dropping one against Lanikai 14s. They qualified for the 13 and under Gold Division on Sunday, where they won two matches against Lanikai and Ka Ulukoa and dropped two to Mililani and Kulia. For the weekend, the team went 4-3, featuring an exciting match against the Lanikai 14s that had parents and the players of the Kaizen 14s cheering them on.

The Kaizen 14s team went undefeated in Saturday’s pool play, defeating KOVA, Hawaiian Style, and Laulea 13s. This vaulted them into the 14 and under Gold Division on Sunday, where they dropped a tightly contested match to SAS before sweeping two Maunalani 14s teams. The 14s finished the weekend in third place with a record of 5-1.

This weekend features the 15s/16s Regional Tournament in which both Kaizen 15s teams will be participating.

The 15s team of Coach Jeff finished in third place at their tournament on Sunday, April 3 at McKinley High School. They finished in first place after the first pool, placing them in the gold medal pool. They split with Mililani (losing the tiebreaker by one point), and lost to Laulea Black, which was enough for a third place finish in the 9-team tournament. This is the best finish of the year for the 15s Jeff team. Congratulations to the players and coaches!


The Kaizen 12s team won another Aloha Region tournament, their third championship of the season, this past Sunday at Farrington High School. The girls came out at the top of this seven-team contest over Pure Aloha, Laulea Green and Black, TAVA, OVC, and Hilinai. Congratulations again!



This past Sunday saw both 15s teams in action at Farrington High School. In the morning tournament, the 15s team coached by Coach Jeff battled in several close matches, dropping their first match to Piko 25-24, 25-24, and later splitting with Mililani. They actually tied for third in their pool but lost out to Mililani by one point via the head-to-head points scored tiebreaker. They ended the day with a competitive match against Kealahou.

In the afternoon, Coach Branden’s team took first in their pool over Huikahi, Laulea, and PAC which set up a championship match against SAS. The game went down to the wire, with our 15s unfortunately losing 29-27. Their second place finish capped off an exciting weekend of volleyball that saw two teams win their tournaments (12s and 14s) and two teams take second (17s and 15s Branden).

This weekend the 12s, 15s Branden, and 17s will be at it again.IMG_0380 IMG_0377 IMG_0364 IMG_0297 IMG_0260 IMG_0255 IMG_0252 IMG_0189 IMG_0176 IMG_0169 IMG_0135 IMG_0132 IMG_0069 IMG_0051